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Chef Emeril Lagasse Promotes Farm-To-Table, Visits a Future Growing Farm in Florida

Chef Emeril Lagasse became popular with TV audiences soon after “Emeril Live” began airing on the Food Network in 1997. The show was certainly popular in our family, partly because of Emeril’s humorous, down-to-earth personality, and partly because of his recipes, which the guys in my family have occasionally downloaded and attempted to re-create.

Besides his TV career, Emeril devotes his time and resources to the Emeril Lagasse Foundation, a purpose close to my own heart, which is dedicated to mentoring and enabling young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances

Emeril is also an ardent supporter of the farm-to-table movement, which is not surprising. To use his words: “It ain’t rocket science.” Most of us have sampled “fresh” organic produce in the supermarket, only to discover it’s anything but fresh after being trucked thousands of miles and put in storage.

Katherine Grandey harvests locally grown basil at The GreenHouse

Katherine Grandey harvests locally grown basil at The GreenHouse in central Florida. (Click photo to enlarge)

That’s why we at Future Growing® believe “locally sourced” is an essential ingredient of “beyond organic” foods, and we noted with interest a recent “teaser” clip for an episode of “Emeril’s Florida”. “Farm-to-table is our focus,” Emeril proclaimed in the voiceover, so we made sure not to miss the episode when it aired on Feb 16.

Emeril’s Tchoup Chop, Orlando, FL

In the second segment of the show, Emeril visited his restaurant, “Tchoup Chop”, which he launched near Universal Orlando in 2002. It turns out that The GreenHouse—a Future Growing® Tower Garden® installation operated by Katherine Grandey in central Florida—is a supplier of fresh greens for Tchoup Chop, and provides “some of the best produce in the area,” according to Emeril.

We at Future Growing® recognize the quality and volume of pesticide-free crops that The GreenHouse supplies to a number of Central Florida’s finest restaurants. It was our pleasure to get Katherine started in aeroponic farming, but we believe her success is due to her forward-thinking business strategy, as well as her focus on customer service.

When Emeril visited The GreenHouse, he noted that seasonal availability is not an issue for the operation, and marveled at the output of the relatively small installation (135,000 plants per year). During the episode, he explained that this type of production is made possible by the unique vertical design of the aeroponic Tower Gardens®.

Emeril Lagasse compliments Katherine Grandey on the quality of the food at The GreenHouse.

Chef Emeril Lagasse compliments Katherine Grandey on the quality of the food The GreenHouse is producing for area restaurants. (Click photo to enlarge)

“In many cases, she [Katherine] can turn crops around in two to three weeks. That’s pretty amazing,” Emeril commented. “She doesn’t use any pesticides or herbicides”. Importantly, Emeril pointed out how flavorful and delicious all the greens he tasted were. At the end of the segment, Emeril thanked Katherine for her time, and grinned as he told her: “I’m gonna have to take some of this with me.”

Emeril Lagasse samples mustard greens at The GreenHouse.

Chef Emeril Lagasse and Katherine Grandey sample mustard greens at The GreenHouse.
(Click photo to enlarge)

We’re grateful to Chef Emeril and other chefs across the country who have helped “farm-to-table” become mainstream. In combination with Future Growing’s® aeroponic technology, local sourcing has become a sustainable, “beyond organic” way to supply the nutritional needs of our planet. And to think all this can be done on 90% less land, using 90% less water, and using no harmful chemicals or herbicides—that is revolutionary!

For photos and additional information about The GreenHouse, click here.

Tim Blank
Founder and CEO, Future Growing® LLC