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Have you ever wondered what puts the POWER in the Patented Vertical Aeroponic Tower Garden® Technology?

Power of Tower 1st

I am often asked, “What is aeroponics?” Aeroponics is considered a hydroponic technique or method, so the process is a form of hydroponics.

Inside the Tower Chamber

Inside the tower chamber.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Aeroponics is simply defined as the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil or an aggregate medium.

The Tower Garden® growing chamber contains no soil or aggregate medium. Instead, the chamber is empty. It’s just roots and air between each irrigation cycle. The tumbling water during these irrigation cycles creates a fine mist, oxygenating the water and bathing the roots of each plant on its way down to the reservoir. This process is continuously repeated with each irrigation cycle, providing maximum amounts of fresh oxygen, water, and nutrients to the roots of the plants 24 hours a day.

The intelligent design of the Tower Garden® system produces extraordinary crops that grow much faster than they would in soil, producing bountiful harvests within weeks of being transplanted into the system.

Tower to Table in ten steps, farming made so simple anyone can do it!

Tower to table in ten steps . . . farming made so simple anyone can do it! (Click photo to enlarge)

One of the main purposes behind Future Growing®’s patented aeroponic design was to avoid clogging misters – which typically plagues traditional aeroponic growing systems – by utilizing high-flow aeroponics.

Another key benefit is the massive growing chamber for the roots. Because the plants’ roots do not run out of space, they continue to grow strong and healthy. There are commercial Tower Garden® farmers producing herb crops for several years now with plenty of room to go!

About our aeroponic plant food:

To achieve our mission of producing healthy food for people, we also developed an all-natural, stable, water-based ionic mineral solution to support the patented vertical aeroponic Tower Garden® technology.

With assistance from leading world experts in plant and human nutrition, we developed the proprietary Aeroponic Power-Gro® and the Tower Tonic® plant food we use today. Aeroponic Power-Gro® and the Tower Tonic® contains a wide range of specially-formulated ionic minerals and plant nutrients. It is the world’s first high-performance ionic mineral solution specifically designed for all types of food and flowering crops. The pH balanced blend of natural plant nutrients helps stimulate plants’ roots, flowers, fruits, and leaves.

Unlike conventional hydroponic fertilizers, the amazing Aeroponic Power-Gro® and the Tower Tonic® can be used to grow everything from gourmet lettuce and edible flowers to beautiful vine-ripened tomatoes. Healthy plants packed with nutrition help create healthy people.

Aeroponic Power-Gro® and the Tower Tonic® are also loaded with trace minerals that are essential to vibrant human health! Jake Kelly, a commercial rooftop Tower Garden® farmer in Southern California, recently grew a 3-foot aeroponic kale plant in a matter of weeks.

Left: 3 foot kale in a Tower Garden. Right: Jake delivers extraordinary aeroponic produce to market.

       Left: 3 foot kale in a Tower Garden.          Right: Jake delivers extraordinary aeroponic produce to market.

As you can see, our patented Tower Garden® system helps both large growers and smaller growers to develop highly flavorful, pesticide-free, and environmentally-friendly crops. Whether it is a commercial farm or a balcony in Manhattan, NY, the vertical aeroponic Tower Garden® is putting the POWER back into local food.

Tim Blank
Founder and CEO, Future Growing® LLC

Ready, Set, Go: Spring Is Coming To Connecticut

Future Growing® vertical aeroponic Tower Garden® farms range in size from 10-tower turnkey micro-farms to large-scale acreage located under controlled environment greenhouses. Because of the modular nature of the technology and extraordinary growing power of the system, we see our farms popping up in incredibly unique and diverse locations. The Iron Towers urban farm in Middletown, CT is certainly no exception!

Jessica Solé with freshly harvested “living” lettuce.

Iron Towers owner Jessica Solé with freshly harvested “living” lettuce. (Click photo to enlarge)

The Iron Scissors Salon and Spa underwent an extreme makeover in 2013. People passing by the salon couldn’t help but notice the large vertical garden—the first of its kind in Connecticut—in the salon’s front parking lot.

Owner Jessica Solé says the garden is an extension of her philosophy that clients should leave her establishment looking and feeling their best. “We’re very cutting-edge here, and wellness is a big trend,” Solé told the Middletown Press. “Our mission is to get people to feel their best, inside and out.”

“The growing system is cutting-edge also, using aeroponic Tower Gardens® to grow the plants instead of soil. The system was developed by Future Growing®, a company Tim Blank founded following his work at Disney’s exhibit on The Land at EPCOT Center Theme Park. The Tower Garden® is a completely self-contained system that can be used anywhere. Once plugged in, the unit recycles the water every 15 minutes, creating a soothing ‘waterfall’ sound effect. There are no weeds to deal with, and the system lends itself well to natural and ecological pest control. Iron Towers’ plants grow much quicker than they would if they were grown in soil,” Sole told the newspaper.

Jessica Solé with newly harvested “living” kale.

Jessica Solé with newly harvested “living” kale.
(Click photo to enlarge)

While most produce Americans consume produce that is contaminated with pesticides, Iron Towers does not use any pesticides in its operation. “We love to take lettuce right off the towers and feed our clients, knowing that they are eating high quality, chemical-free plants,” Solé said.

This spring, the Iron Scissors Tower Garden® farm is expected to start growing nearly 500 plants, including squash, hot peppers, tomatoes, mixed lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, zucchini, cucumbers, dill, basil, and arugula. The salon is expanding to offer counseling on health and nutrition, and installed a juice bar. Produce from the farm is available at a mini farmers’ market, and — in a first for the Tower Garden® — will be used in masks for the spa, and in salads for its clients.

The Iron Scissors staff,

The Iron Scissors “Tower Team”. (Click photo to enlarge)

The Iron Towers urban farm will be open in mid-April and will have fresh produce, seedlings, and gardening classes available throughout the spring and summer. Iron Towers Farm is located in front of the Iron Scissors Salon at 330 South Main Street in Middletown, CT. You can also call Iron Scissors at 860-344-8418.

Keep up the great work, Iron Towers!

Tim Blank
Founder and CEO, Future Growing® LLC

Future Growing® Hits a Home Run with Aeroponic Tower Garden® Farm!

Giants Garden

An artists’ rendering of the Giants Garden, a 3,000-square-foot organic garden slated to open this summer at AT&T Park. Believed to be the first of its kind at an American sports venue, the edible garden will supply produce for some of the parks’ concessions and serve as an open-air dining area and community classroom.
Image courtesy of EDG Design Group. (Click photo to enlarge)

Future Growing’s® Tower Gardens® are set to knock it out of the park this summer, when Giants Garden, a 3,000-square-foot vertical organic garden, opens at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Believed to be the first of its kind at an American sports venue, the edible garden will supply produce for some of the parks’ concessions and serve as an open-air dining area and community classroom.

The ballpark farm won’t be Future Growing’s® first foray into the record books. Leading the local food movement, Future Growing® has held the record of the “first of its kind in the world” farms for the past five years.

Step Up On Vine

2013: Former President Bill Clinton toured Step Up On Vine’s rooftop farm in Los Angeles. Future Growing® opened Step Up On Vine’s rooftop farm, the world’s first aeroponic rooftop farm featuring housing units for the homeless. Step Up On Vine is also the first “green” building with a rooftop aeroponic farm, helping it to qualify as LEED “Platinum” by the U.S. Green Building Council. (Click photos to enlarge)

Rouse's Supermarket

2012: Future Growing® opened Rouses Supermarket’s “Roots on the Rooftop” farm in New Orleans, the world’s first roof-to-supermarket aeroponic farm. (Click photo to enlarge)

O'Hare Urban Garden

2011: Future Growing® opened O’Hare Urban Garden at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, the world’s first aeroponic farm inside an airport terminal. All of the Tower Garden® produce from the O’Hare Urban Garden is hand-delivered to the airport’s eateries and the O’Hare Farmers Market inside the terminal. (Click photo to enlarge)

Bell Book & Candle rooftop

2010: Future Growing® opened Manhattan’s first roof-to-table aeroponic farm for Chef John Mooney’s Bell Book & Candle eatery. (Click photo to enlarge)

Sky Growers

2009: Future Growing opened Sky Growers in Orlando, Florida, the world’s first certified “green” building with commercially-scaled aeroponics incorporated onto the rooftop. (Click photo to enlarge)

You can learn about each of these record-setting projects and more at www.FutureGrowing.com.

Tim Blank
Founder and CEO, Future Growing® LLC

Major Employment Opportunity: Future Growing And Associates To Hire Over 250 In 2014

Over the past decade, Future Growing® LLC has pioneered and led the modern urban farming movement, installing vertical aeroponic food farms utilizing patented Tower Garden® technology across North America. With more than 100 successful urban farms in the U.S. and Canada, Future Growing® leads the way in the local food growing movement, which has become a mainstream trend.

Harvesting Lettuce

Harvesting lettuce at a Future Growing® Tower Garden® farm. (Click photo to enlarge)

Our philosophy is simple: In a world where land and resources are limited, we grow more food in less space by growing up instead of out, just like a modern city! By growing locally—right where food is consumed—we reduce our carbon footprint, employ local people, and produce chemical-free food that taste great, is extraordinarily fresh, and is highly nutritious!

Adjusting nutrient timing cycles at a Future Growing® Tower Garden® farm.

Adjusting nutrient timing cycles at a Future Growing® Tower Garden® farm. (Click photo to enlarge)

We are looking for talented, dedicated individuals who have the same passion that we do for the sustainable urban agriculture movement. Future Growing® and Future Growing® farms plan to fill a minimum of 250 positions in 2014, and more than 1,000 by the end of 2015.

Future Growing® is located in central Florida and will be filling several positions in that region. In addition, Future Growing’s® clients will be filling various farm positions from coast to coast. Please review the positions below and find the opportunity that suits you best!

Click here to visit Future Growing’s “Careers” page and to upload your cover letter and resumé. We look forward to having you on our team in 2014!

Tim Blank
Founder and CEO, Future Growing® LLC

Future Growing Positions In Central Florida:

  • Sales and development for vertical aeroponic farms (Minimum 4 year degree, 2 years experience and/or equivalent)
  • IT (Minimum 4 year degree, 2 years experience and/or equivalent)
  • Marketing (Minimum 4 year degree, 2 years experience and/or equivalent)
  • Horticulturists/Biologists (Minimum 4 year degree, 2 years experience and/or equivalent)
  • Manufacturing and warehouse managers (Minimum 2 year degree, 2 years experience, and/or equivalent)
  • Manufacturing and warehouse laborers (Minimum 2 years experience)

Urban Farm Positions Across The US Utilizing Future Growing® Technology:

  • Professional growers (Minimum 4 year degree, 2 years experience and/or equivalent)
  • Farm managers (Minimum 4 year degree, 2 years experience and/or equivalent)
  • Greenhouse managers (Minimum 4 year degree, 2 years experience and/or equivalent)
  • Farm laborers (Minimum 2 years experience)

Award-Winning Chef Grows High In The Sky Of Los Angeles For His Second Successful Roof-to-Table Concept

John Sedlar: Esquire Magazine Chef of the Year 2011

In 2011, renowned Chef John Sedlar received the prestigious “Chef of the Year” award from Esquire magazine for his cutting-edge neo-Latin cuisine. Sedlar is growing high in the sky of downtown Los Angeles for his second innovative roof-to-table concept, the Rivera restaurant on 1050 S. Flower Street, which features a Future Growing® Tower Garden® farm.

Chef John explained: “In 2012, while sharing my passion for Latin food traditions with business friends Bill Chait and Eddie Sotto, I began to imagine a restaurant that would celebrate Latin food in all its diverse variety. Bill and Eddie immediately got it, and together we very quickly evolved a vision for a fun, approachable, casual restaurant where guests could explore the world of Latin food and drink.”

Chef John Rivera Sedlar

Chef John Rivera Sedlar

Chef John Sedlar

Chef John Sedlar at work in Rivera’s kitchen. (Click photo to enlarge)

That vision became Rivera, which not only takes its name from Sedlar’s Hispanic family name but also evokes the waters that flow through space and time to interlink the culinary traditions of Spanish-speaking Europe, North America, and South America.

“I feel I’ve come full circle,” says Sedlar. “I’m happy to be back in the kitchen, cooking and sharing the food that I love.”

During a television interview which took place at his rooftop Tower Garden® farm, Sedlar explained his motivation for aeroponic rooftop growing: “I couldn’t find what I needed from the farmers—or from the markets—the things that I needed for our urban Latin kitchen downstairs.” Gesturing toward the Tower Gardens® surrounding him, he continued: “So we searched, and we bought this!”

Being a steward of the environment, Sedlar is also very passionate about the reduced carbon footprint of his local food in a drought-stricken state.

Edible flowers and lavender

Edible flowers and lavender.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Because they are using the chemical-free, sustainable Tower Garden® system, 90 percent less water is used for growing. Sedlar and Chait know the restaurant’s food is safe and clean from harmful chemicals and diseases commonly found on modern farms.

“Here, we’re utilizing space that would otherwise be ‘fallow land’, as it were. And in terms of cost, the towers are much more efficient at producing crops per square inch than any other system, because we are growing up instead of out,” Chait said. Bill has a vision to see all 16 of his restaurants producing a lot of their fresh food vertically in roof-to-table settings such as Rivera’s.

To view more images of the Rivera vertical rooftop farm, click here. You can also view an image gallery of Sedlar’s “Cielo Verde” rooftop Tower Garden® farm by clicking here.

I would personally like to thank our fellow farmer, Chef John Sedlar, for being an innovative leader in the West Coast local food movement. Together we are changing local food one rooftop at a time. If you visit Los Angeles, please take some time to experience the amazing Rivera downtown.

Tim Blank
Founder and CEO, Future Growing® LLC

“Meet Your Makers”

Welcome to a “green” future, growing healthy and sustainable food with aeroponic technology! Over the past decade, Future Growing® has pioneered the vertical aeroponic farming movement across the United States. Our vertical growing technology is so modern and innovative, that it has been approved by the U.S. Green Building Council for LEED points on certified green buildings.

With more than 100 successful projects across North America, Future Growing® modular farm technologies now come in all sizes and shapes. Our Tower Garden® farms are located in a myriad of locations, from conventional commercial greenhouse structures, to skyscraper rooftops in Manhattan, to farms in airport terminals. Behind each of these successful farms is an extraordinary individual with a passion for local, sustainable food and modern agriculture.

Meet one of these extraordinary urban farmers in the “Meet Your Makers” video segment below.

Tim Blank
Founder and CEO, Future Growing® LLC

Top 2014 Food Trends Feature Green Movement

Montecito Urban Farms

Farm to table in 50 steps or less.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Those of us deeply committed to the “green” movement have developed an acute awareness about the food we eat, consumer purchasing trends, and the current status of our planet’s resources. Those committed to living sustainably and ensuring a high quality, chemical-free food supply for our children’s future are aware of the truth. We are not fooled by the million dollar advertising campaigns and propaganda put forth by big business.

So many people today are frustrated and even enraged with the “do nothing” government, big business, and big agriculture. The battle will not be won with tricky politics and big money; instead, it is being won by simple, honest choices.

Strawberry Tower Garden

Children eat what they grow.
(Click photo to enlarge)

The truth is that this modern green movement is the largest movement of its kind in the history of the world that was not pushed forward by government or religion—or by any other big institution, for that matter. The movement is grassroots: it is you and me, it is one person at a time, making choices of integrity and thoughtfulness, leading to the unstoppable mass we have today.

Gourmet dishes

Creative cuisine with phytonutrient-rich food.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Congratulations to all of you who are committed to the local food movement and a sustainable way of life. Click on the link below to see what the National Restaurant Association predicts will be the top menu trends for the coming year in its annual “What’s Hot” culinary forecast. You will see trends brought about urban farmers and aeroponic growers, along with consumers who are demanding a healthier, more eco-friendly food supply.

Together, we are making a significant impact on consumers’ health and eating habits in 2014 and beyond!

Tim Blank
Founder and CEO, Future Growing® LLC