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Tower to Table Starts at Home

Each week, I am privileged to share about a new or current vertical urban farmer making a positive difference in a unique way. However, this week I am breaking the trend and sharing another side of the Future Growing® story, one which demonstrates how homeowners are evolving into one of the fastest-growing sectors of the local food movement today.

Thanks to the partnership Future Growing® established with Juice Plus® for our residential/homeowner division in early 2011, the patented, vertical aeroponic Tower Garden® has now become the most widely-used and successful form of outdoor hydroponics in home gardens across the United States and Canada.

Tower Garden

Tower Garden® vertical aeroponic growing system.

Tim Blank, creator of the Tower Garden

Tim Blank, developer of the Tower Garden® and founder/CEO of Future Growing LLC, blends freshly-harvested vegetables.  (Click photo to enlarge)

How did this all happen? Years ago, before the local food movement had really emerged into what it is today, we began developing the patented Tower Garden® into the world’s first, simplified, “plug-and-play” outdoor aeroponics vegetable garden. Our vision was that every family in America and across the world would someday have the opportunity to grow healthy fruits and vegetables in the comfort of their own back yards or balconies.

We believed that the future of health care would have to transform from “disease care” to establishing healthy lifestyles for disease prevention. Modern science has now shown that more fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet—replacing processed foods, sugar, dairy, and meats—leads to a longer and more robust life with less chronic disease. It is really just that simple.

To help enable families to garden in the modern era, where both parents work and space is limited, gardening had to become fun, simplified, and easy to do—which has now become the Tower Garden® way. Through the process of living a healthier life, each family is also reducing its carbon footprint, water, and land use, while consuming produce that is extraordinarily healthy, nutritious, and free of harmful chemicals or diseases often found in today’s food supply.

Tim Blank speaks at Juice Plus conference

Tim Blank speaks at the recent Juice Plus+ Leadership Conference in Orlando, FL.  (Click photo to enlarge)

Last weekend, I attended and presented at the Tower Garden Juice Plus Leadership Conference at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando, Florida. What an amazing event! More than 5,000 health and wellness individuals attended, including several hundred medical doctors, nurses, and health professionals.Tower Gardens at preschool

Walking the halls of this event, I observed the extraordinary vitality and health of people that consume a diet filled with fruits and vegetables. I had the opportunity to learn from several of the country’s top doctors about current research and the practical application of adding more fruits and vegetables to our diet. I was excited to learn from Dr. Bill Sears, “America’s Pediatrician”, who spoke on children’s health.

Dr. Bill Sears

Dr. Bill Sears

Dr. David Katz

Dr. David Katz

Then, Dr. David Katz enlightened the audience as he spoke about “Sense, Science, and Bridging the Gap of our Nation’s Diet”.

Dr. Sears and Dr. Katz were just a few of the amazing doctors presenting at the conference. The common thread all the expert health professionals shared was that eating more fruits and vegetables is essential to good health, and we now have an established mountain of modern science to prove that.

If you want to learn more about the amazing Tower Garden® for home use, you can visit http://www.TowerGarden.com. Our mission: Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World.

Tim Blank
Founder and CEO, Future Growing® LLC