Farms – Rooftop and Urban

Future Growing® is proud to be able to offer the unique experience of an urban or rooftop farm right to the local grower. A Future Growing rooftop or urban farm is an advanced, yet easy to implement, turnkey aeroponic food production system specifically designed for the local grower. These farms can be executed up to one quarter of an acre. Urban and rooftop tower farms utilize patented Tower Garden® technology, creating highly distinctive vertical food production systems.

These farms are highly efficient, allowing for even inexperienced growers to produce food in a fraction of the time that the same crops would require when grown in traditional soil. Most lettuces, herbs, and leafy greens can be produced in 3 to 5 weeks as a mature living plant with the roots intact. Growing time is determined by day length, temperature, and available light.

An urban or rooftop farm can produce healthy, nutritionally dense crops for community, personal or commercial use. Please see our Rooftop Farm Gallery and Urban Farm Gallery to see just what you can do with an urban or rooftop farm of your own.

The cost of a Tower Garden® farm can range in price from twenty thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars, depending upon the size and scope of the project, and whether the farm will be in a controlled environment greenhouse structure for year-round growing in cooler climates.

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