SF Giants Fans Enjoy World Series-Level Food

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The Garden at AT&T Park

The Garden at AT&T Park. (Click photo to enlarge)

When the San Francisco Giants play in Game 3 of the World Series at AT&T Park today, baseball fans will get to enjoy some of the freshest, most nutritious, and flavorful local food served at any ballpark— because much of the produce comes from a Future Growing® garden featuring hundreds of state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic Tower Gardens®.

The Giants and their award-winning foodservice partner, Bon Appétit Management Company, opened The Garden at AT&T Park this summer with much fanfare. In fact, President Obama honored the Giants for being the first “green” Major League Baseball team. This is also another “First of Its Kind In The World” farm for Future Growing®, since this is the only major sports venue in the world to house a local organic food farm right on-site.

The Garden at AT&T Park

The Garden at AT&T Park. (Click photo to enlarge)

Located behind the centerfield wall, just under the scoreboard, this 4,320 square-foot space offers a bounty of fruits, vegetables, greens, and flowers that are grown sustainably and picked the day they are used in Bon Appetit’s innovative ballpark food. Each tower, made of FDA-compliant, food-grade plastic, can grow up to 44 plants on a tiny footprint. Of course, the aeroponic Tower Gardens® are also better for the environment, using up to 95 percent less land by growing vertically and 95 percent less water than conventional farming by recycling 100 percent of the growing solution.

The Garden at AT&T Park

The Garden at AT&T Park. (Click photo to enlarge)

Not only is this fresh, healthy produce used in many of the food items featured at the ballpark, but The Garden serves as a culinary and nutritional classroom for children in the community. The team and Bon Appétit work closely with local chefs, farmers, and wellness organizations to teach children about how to plant their own urban garden and how to prepare healthy meals.

“The goal of The Garden is to introduce and educate the community about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle,” according to a statement from the San Francisco Giants.

In addition to educating the community about healthy eating and growing, fans at the World Series games and the thousands of people who attend Giants’ games throughout the year, have a beautiful, unique place to gather before and during games.

Hunter Pence

Hunter Pence

Giants’ rightfielder Hunter Pence is one of the biggest proponents of the aeroponic garden. “I like vegetables and I enjoy gardens. I enjoy plants,” he said. “I was lucky that my dad kind of forced me to eat healthy…I grew up and appreciated that. Now, Pence eats a kale salad almost daily and also loves eating cauliflower, beets, and broccoli.

The San Francisco Giants and Bon Appétit Management Company are truly leaders in the healthy growing movement. Their addition of The Garden at AT&T Park sets them apart from all other stadiums’ foodservice programs, and Future Growing® is proud to be their partner.

Tim Blank
Founder and CEO, Future Growing® LLC

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