California restaurants lead the local food movement

Some say that California restaurants lead the local food movement. My recent trip to California provided several opportunities to enjoy the local cuisine and I would have to agree: California sure seems to be in the running! You can hardly turn a corner in southern California without seeing a local eatery saying how they use local, fresh produce.

Montecito 14And we were not disappointed. The food and service was simply an experience to brag about and left us wanting to return with friends and family. The freshness of the food and the artistic attention to detail — including edible flowers as garnishes — was simply extraordinary!

Several restaurants in California have now taken local food a step further by growing their food in vertical aeroponic Tower Garden® farms. The pesticide-free aeroponic produce is harvested live with the roots intact, walked inside the kitchen, and is literally no more than 30 to 60 minutes old, bursting with flavor when served.

Wine CaskMy last meal of the trip was at the Wine Cask in Santa Barbara, and it was such an incredible experience! If you are a foodie like myself, then the Wine Cask should be on your list of places to eat! The Kale Salad was comprised of almost 100% Tower Garden ingredients, with an explosion of flavor at the first bite. You have to experience it yourself, to truly appreciate how good food can actually be. The best part is, there are no nasty pesticide residues on any of this restaurant’s food; just great raw food! 


Waiting to be seated, I noticed a copy of the local Santa Barbara Food and Home magazine and decided to check it out.

To my enjoyment and surprise, there was a story on how one of our commercial Tower Garden® farms fuels restaurants like the Wine Cask. Below is a copy of that story. 

Stay tuned to learn more about how we are positively impacting the planet and the local food movement – one successful business at a time.

Link to Food and Home Santa Barbara

Tim Blank
Founder and CEO, Future Growing® LLC

Food And Home Santa Barbara article

Food And Home Santa Barbara article. (Click to read)


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