Jake Kelly leads Chapala Gardens to extraordinary success

This week we would like to share an update on Chapala Gardens, our first of several rooftop farms in the Southern California area.  Now in its second year of operation, Chapala Gardens has been extraordinarily successful in making local, healthy, chemical-free, low-carbon footprint food readily available to their friends and neighbors in Santa Barbara, CA.

Tim Blog 1Behind every successful “green” business is a person with a passion, and that is certainly true for 25-year-old Jake Kelly, the head grower for Chapala Gardens. Jake has been passionate about growing healthy food since she was young girl. She grew up in Waldorf education where farming was part of the curriculum.  After she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree, she went to Europe to work and learn on organic farms. 

While she was away, her parents Joy and Sandy decided to open California’s first vertical aeroponic Future Growing rooftop farm. When she returned home, Jake immediately took on the role as head grower of Chapala Gardens and launched the thriving business.  Jake was recently nominated for Young Female Entrepreneur 2013 in Santa Barbara CA.

Now, Jake’s Rooftop Farm is home to 40 commercial Tower Gardens with 44 plants per Tower.Tim Blog 2

Jake’s successful business has 3 main areas of focus:

1. Providing food for the community through the local farmers market.

2. Leading a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm.

3.  Educating and training people how to do the same thing right in their own back yard.

Tim Blog 3As a young woman with a big heart who cares about the planet and humanity, Jake is on a mission to show people that there is a solution to the environmental challenges we all face with new and innovative green technologies.  At a recent health and wellness event, Jake shared, “We are simply running out of water in California and no one knows what to do!  I do know what to do, and I have a solution.  I can grow an enormous amount of plants vertically on my rooftop and patio with as little as five percent of the water as the farmers up the road. I don’t use contaminated water, herbicides, or harmful chemicals.  My food is nutrient-dense, clean, and free of harmful pathogens.  We can all do this; it is really simple and it’s the right thing to do!”

To learn more about Jake, her family, and the mission of Chapala Gardens, please visit www.ChapalaGardens.com

Tim Blank
Founder and CEO, Future Growing® LLC


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